Wealthy Affiliate Review – A Day Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an energetic, interactive internet marketing community which is designed and well thought out to take you by the hand and teach you how you can make money online by being an Affiliate Marketer. Inside Wealthy Affiliate you are going to find tons of information, tools, and guides that will help you in your quest to make money online. The whole community is based around helping you rise up in the ranks of affiliate marketing and yes, to become a wealthy affiliate.

Do not get me wrong there is some useful information in some e-books but a few months later, I still was not making very much online and I did not have a real clear plan of action.

As a matter of fact – I feel that this is a major reason that some people tend to believe that Google Assassin is better than Wealthy Affiliate. This is NOT the case. Google Assassin (aka DJK Assassin) is not a good program and it’s nowhere near the level or quality of Wealthy Affiliate. Not even close. Not to mention that the program is very expensive compared to Wealthy Affiliate University.

I accidentally came across wealthy affiliate scam website while still looking for a viable online business. It provided me exactly with what I was looking for my business. Kyle and Carson, the co founders of wealthy affiliate university, have in place a program that is designed and very well organized for anyone willing to learn, be taught and be shown the steps that are needed to eventually start making money online. I am one who gets sold on honesty and I thought this was a wealthy affiliate scam. Their honesty was obvious from the beginning. You are advised that this not a get rich quick system but a course that will systematically teach you the steps that will make sure that you will succeed online. All the information that you will need is provided on the wealthy affiliate website.

Being thorough and learning all concepts in an orderly manner can help tremendously in ensuring that you don’t fail miserably at this. After all, if you are determined to join the club of the Wealthy Affiliates, then you should first learn the concepts and how things get done before jumping the gun and trying to do things on your own.

Now, some people like me, aren’t really big on forum participation and that’s ok. Personally I love them, but when I am new to something, I like to read the posts, not necessarily contribute to them. The amount of knowledge that I have gained just by reading Wealthy Affiliate Forum Posts have brought me from $12/day to about $78 a day and climbing. With 3 kids, that is on a very part-time basis.

These techniques go a long way in driving traffic to ones site and wealthy affiliates will teach their members how to become successful in any affiliate program they choose to join. Members get all this and much more when they join the wealthy affiliate learning program for as little as 39 USD per month.

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