Lcd Monitor Problems – Precise And Simple Tactics For Solving Common Lcd Monitor Problems

A good deal of possibilities can go wrong with your harm LCD Monitor. The faulty monitor might suffer energy loss, the display monitor may shutdown intermittent, there may possibly be LCD dead pixels, CCFL inverter circuit or LCD CCFL inverter may possibly break down or the screen display might not turn on or abnormal CCFL inverter voltage. There are lots of problems that can come about that can cause you a headache.

A faulty main board may cause no display problem in LCD Monitor. If there is a problem in the main board, it would not send a “on” (enable) signal to the soft start circuit and no voltage will flow to the inverter IC thus no waveform produce by the high voltage transformer.

This item is essential for viewing those little pins that are shorted, hairline cracks, SMD part number and other puny SMD devices. I know this is like one of the most obvious LCD صيانة تلفزيونات سامسونج tips, but the thing is some technicians (my buddies especially) prefer the X10 zoom which is insufficient.

Still it is best that you inspect the primary area thoroughly, and make sure you adhere to the proper safety guidelines when testing electronic components.

(4) The air vents- Any laptop with a blocked air vent will dissipate a large amount of heat. To clean the laptop air vents, you may use a compressed air can to spray the dust off. Just make sure no moisture gets on the fan blades.

In the above case, after the cover was removed, the first thing I check was the vcc (supply voltage) to the inverter IC. This model is using the famous TL1451ACN Pulse width modulation (PWM) IC-some preferred to call it as inverter IC. Pin 9 is the VCC supply input and it should have about 12 Volts when the power is “on”. Measuring the pin with my faithful digital multimeter, it reads only about 3 volts which indicates there’s a problem in the supply line. It could be components that are faulty that dragged down the line or it could be the switch mode power supply itself that don’t produce enough power.

Before that, I repaired CRT monitors only. You know, CRTs can be fixed rather easily. Their circuitry designs are not as intricate as LCD monitors, thus they are so much simpler to fix.

Why worry when you can complete many Dell LCD monitor repair cases rather easily. With a little bit practice you can all fix sorts of LCD monitor problems by resorting to step-by-step photo instructions.

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Lcd Monitor Problems – Precise And Simple Tactics For Solving Common Lcd Monitor Problems

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