Email Marketing – Is It Right For Your Business?

The amount of income you can make in online network marketing is tied directly to how large you can build your email list and the value you provide in your communications. A fraction of your list subscribers will sign up into your primary business or buy products from you – but only after they have come to trust you and view you as a valuable source of information. The majority of the list subscribers will not join your primary business or purchase your products. However, based on the relationship you develop with them over time, you’ll be able to market related goods and services to them.

Ask yourself, or better still those on your email lists, what it is about your software that interest them. If it is the full screen, high quality, smooth action video that makes the others look amateurish then that is the headline to use.

You should know clearly how you can make money from emails. Not all newsletters will do this, but many people set one up specifically for this reason. Monetising your list doesn’t take much extra effort, and it does not have to be off-putting to your subscribers. You will get many feedback from audiences. You should reply them as soon as possible. And you can also change your strategy according the feedback of your audiences. Your email marketing campaign will become perfect if you keep listening to the audiences.

It might be something quite simple. How were the addresses collected? Perhaps you offered a free gift at a trade fair for any who subscribed to your email lists. Consider if the value of the gift was too much of a temptation.

Next step you will need is a website that will convert its visitors to subscribers for your email campaign. As well as, it has to describe some information about your eBook which you will use to get visitors’ email addresses. So the two tasks of the website are to introduce every new visitor about what they will get if they subscribe to your list and give an opportunity to access your eBook through xmails. Don’t make it too long or boring because it has to get the visitors’ email address as soon as possible. The headline, a few bullet points and an opt-in form would be enough to do all the work.

You can do it yourself from your computer for free, but this is generally not a good idea for a lot of reasons. If you have more than 50 people on your list, you really need something more professional.

The final question addressed using ACT! as the primary tool for database marketing. Lori reminded us that SwiftPage is a plug in for ACT! that makes up for the database marketing shortfalls in the ACT! Database program.

Your email marketing software will tell you what excites those on your email lists, what makes them click through, what makes them buy. Your wishes in this matter are of no account. Kill your favourites.

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Email Marketing – Is It Right For Your Business?

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