Dental Marketing – New Patients From Old

The term dental marketing strategy might sound like it is esoteric or stratospheric. Let’s take the mystery out of it so you can devise and implement your own dental marketing strategy that fits into your business plan.

Coming up with a new ideas for good key words can help you become successful in dental marketing as well. Use specific keywords (like dental, marketing, or any specific keyword that you can come up with). If done correctly, you can literally dominate your area in the Internet. and you will be able to crush your competitors!

Now, back to that patient sitting on their bum in your chair. Here’s what I have noticed: In the practice of one of my clients, there are these little wooden tables in each operatory. They have magazines on them. (Yes, current month and year, and yours should be too, if you have them laying around.) Here’s my thought – Instead of letting people look at a magazine, they should look at my clients marketing message!

You could them post all of your information about Invisalign, or information you use in marketing dental implants on one, and on the other, post a structured presentation that takes your patients step by step through the information you want to present.

Any dentist can build a website like this and have it running online for less than $1 per day. Studies have shown that you can generate 2-4 new patients weekly by doing just this type of marketing. Don’t have the time, take your smartest employee, and give them a special project the can do from their kitchen in their spare time over the next three months. You can do this yourselves for about $300 or we can streamline the process for you.

Truth is there are more so-called marketing experts lurking on the internet than there are grains of sand on a Florida beach. So you must be careful. And there is a very easy way to screen the players from the bench warmers.

Where to find them: There are plenty of ways to target this crowd. You can purchase lists like the ones military recruiters get. You can also look into advertising in the school paper.

Track Your Progress – Implement some way of tracking the outcome of your efforts. For example, ask new customers who come into your office how they heard about you. This will allow you to see which of your dental marketing tactics is working and which ones you may need to discontinue. Remember, though, it can take awhile for a new strategy to produce results. Stick with a technique for a month or two until you are certain it is not working for you.

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