Back Pain- A Common Neurological Problem

Do you suffer from either chronic or acute back aches? Do you know that if you don’t do anything about them, you run the risk of causing a good number of problems? A bad back can gravely affect your ability to walk (or even stand up for prolonged periods for that matter). Furthermore, depending on the specific cause, you could even suffer from unnecessary muscular strains. In fact, your ligaments could also weaken, causing your joints to suffer.

Applying cold ice packs to your back every few hours, in the initial stages, should help reduce the swelling caused by the injury and give you relief. This is followed by moist heat treatment, to stimulate blood flow and relieve tension in your lower back. To get moist heat at home, put hot water in a bag and wrap it in a wet towel, or wet a towel and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes. To avoid burns, wrap the heated towel in a dry towel before applying to the injured area.

It’s constant, constant, constant, on the go, all the time, and then in the back of your mind somewhere, your body is saying “You better stop, you better stop, you better slow down,” but you ignore it.

The second person you must consult is your gym instructor. You must tell him about the extent of your problem and the rehab process suggested by the physiotherapist. The gym instructor will see that you are following the process of recovery as prescribed.

Everyone asked me how I had torn all the ligaments in my arm, I had to wear a sling for six months and have private Physiotherapy in Mona Vale which was very expensive. To this day, I suffer the consequences of this injury, my left arm is slower than my right and it inhibits my natural movement on the piano keyboard with my left hand. ( I’m classically trained) I blessed my house thereafter and the spirit went away, but, I still live in fear of this phenomenon returning if I should “say” his name………Evil, personified.

A whiplash neck sprain occurs when your head is suddenly jolted backwards and forwards in a whip-like movement. This can cause some neck muscles and ligaments to stretch more than normal (a sprain). The common cause is when you are in a car that is hit from behind by another car. Being in a car hit from the side or front can also cause whiplash sprains.

Physiotherapy is often what doctors will prescribe for pain in shoulders, but you’ll have to go to a professional physio who’ll charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Why not do it yourself at home using the same techniques, and cure your own shoulder pain, starting today?

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