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Your legal defense will depend upon finding the best lawyer you can for your case. Lawyers come with different specialties that affect their expertise and experience level. The fifteen questions that follow will help you avoid picking the wrong lawyer and having to deal with the negative consequences of that decision.

This step will require you to tell collectors to “communicate with me in writing only” and hang up the phone. This will force the collection agency to send a written communication demanding that you give them money and you reply with a demand for “proof” that you owe them anything.

The judge in a child custody case will usually appoint a psychologist. The judge considers the psychologist and Expert witness and an expert on parents. Generally, the judge will awarded custody based on the psychologist’s evaluation of the parents. They psychologist will perform a family study, an examination of the parents to determine either lifestyle, philosophy on life, and their ability to raise children. The family study tests parenting skills and personality types. Often the psychologist will determine who gets what based on the personality type of the parent.

Position power – linked to the role not the person, based on information access, the right to resource power, legitimacy of decisions. We felt we had a grievance and a story to tell.

Daren: If there has not ever been a complaint for a credit repair company to the FTC or the BBB, is it true that they automatically get an “F” rating?

You’re a fundraiser and you know who you want to ask for the funds, and how you’re going to do it, but do you know when? Can you tell when they’re in the right frame of mind?

You can help in each case by offering your attorney complete analyses of the relevant facts, independent of whether your findings are helpful or not to the attorney that hired you.

Students in a classroom may ask you detailed questions that require technically precise explanations. In the judicial setting, people just want to know. They just want to “get the idea.” In this situation, simplicity means clarity. If you can convey the essence of an opinion to the other people in the room with a simple word or analogy, you have done your job. You will have kept their attention, and you will have explained it well enough to have been convincing.

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