Why Do Coins Go Up In Value?

With the recent financial meltdowns and declining US currency, smart investors are looking for better ways for asset preservation. Gold coins are one of the most valuable commodities to protect personal wealth and offset risk, which is discovered during countless crisis situations over the centuries. Although most investors focus on US and European gold coins, Mexican gold coins, especially 50 peso, are also good asset to combat inflation.

The Mint is going after the bullion coinmarketcap, and bullion investors like to feel and heft their coins. Packaging the coins in tubes enables investors to more easily inspect their coins. Collectors, on the other hand, want their coins in as pristine condition as possible. Although capsules are excellent for protecting collector coins, coins individually packaged in capsules require more space for storage. The other aspect that the Mint has to consider is the coin’s theme.

Learn about selling coins first before you try it. Before putting your coins on the market you would need to know the facts about your items. First thing you should know is how to grade your coins. Grading coins would mean knowing how to describe the coin properly to enable the buyer get a good grasp of exactly what it is. Use words that are related to coins or coin jargons.

For its Silver Eagles, the Mint chose A. A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty design, which was used on half-dollars 1916-1947. Walking Liberty halves are among the most popular silver coins ever turned out by the U.S. Mint. Judging by the success of the Silver Eagles program (more than 128 million sold since their inception), putting the Walking Liberty on Silver Eagles was the right move.

The second thing is called “alert,” You might read the newspaper and see a advertisement, or you may hear a announcement on the radio. You can also see a t.v. advertisement and most importantly is word by mouth. The third thing is “timing,” Sales do not stay on sale, that is why they are called sales to entice you to buy while the item is discounted in price for a particular time.

After you have determined the value of your precious metal, visit your local coin dealers. Coin dealers will be able to give you higher price for your silver coins. Just be careful and avoid dealing with fraudulent individuals. Look for coin dealers that are members of organizations such as American Numismatic Association and the Professional Numismatists Guild. They are reliable as they follow a given standard code of ethics when transacting silver and gold coins.

The return of high inflation, combined with a slowing economy, suggests it’s more important than ever to move into safer, more profitable investments in the coming market cycle.

It has always been my experience, as a student of the markets, that after a long and precipitous fall has occurred the market and or security that has experienced the debacle takes three to six months to work off the excesses and or oversold conditions – but don’t look for any announcements that the bulls and or hedgers are playing this market in that way. You’ll only get the information after the fact and the reversal is underway, i.e., you’re missing the next prosperous run!

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