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In order to rank #1 on major search engines such a Google, Yahoo! and Bing, a link builder needs to know the back link profiles of their competitors and industry allies. Having this kind of knowledge makes link building easier, more efficient and most all more effective.

With the intense popularity of all the different types of cooking shows recipes are unfailingly viral. Even if you don’t have a food recipe you can create a recipe for something that relates to your field.

You have to make use of print marketing since this is a very effective tool. Since the trend to day is the use of dao tao digital marketing, many fail to realize the power of print marketing. Print marketing has never lose its efficiency, this is a matter of fact. You can choose to send out postcards, distribute brochures and flyers and many others.

Google has “Google bots” that search your site. The bots goal is to determine what your site is about and rate how important your site is on that subject. If you want to rank for wedding photography then your site has to be about wedding photography. The way the bot does this is reading the code and looking for the words “wedding Photography”. This is not permission to have “Wedding Photography” listed on your homepage 1000 times. Its based on a percentage.

Your audience relates to people who they believe are “normal”, likable and sincere. Not the smooth talking fancied up types in designer togs sporting Rolex watches who never utter an “um” or make a gaffe. Those types often inspire jealousy and make people feel less than.

Scan your activity stream. Depending on how you have your filter set, this can show all the activity occurring within your network. Find items to comment on in a value-added way. Making relevant comments keeps you and your company name in people’s thoughts and reinforces the connections between you. If you can’t find something to comment on, then find something to “like.” As we discussed in Rule #24, it can still be a powerful tactic.

The pricing and plans vary from one company to the other. If you want a strong visibility on the web, it’s prudent to opt for a monthly budget of $500-$1000.

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