Twitter: Not A Waste Of Time For Small Business Owners

As someone happily involved in ‘social media’ – I’ve had to get together a ‘photo’ that I was happy to share with the masses. My Twitter profile, my ezine profile, my Digg profile, my UKBF profile, Facebook, Linked In etc etc etc…

This is what we generally have been doing for years and years and years, something called the Wasabi Club, so its a very informal meeting where we get to talk about a compelling topic in the area of PR and marketing. And rather than just having a bunch of talking heads at you, we actually open up the forum so that its more like a club atmosphere, like we would just be sitting around having drinks somewhere and shooting I almost said a little blue word there (laughs) thats how casual we are, I almost said a cuss word but they are just like talking about different things that we would in our trade anyway, and we just kinda open it up to business owners in case they wanna find out publicists and marketing professionals and all of us who are getting the buzz out there, what we actually talk about.

Following-On Twitter, you do not add friends. You follow other users. By clicking the follow button on someone’s Kime, Alexander Coleman you will then be able to see their tweets in your timeline on your homepage. Anyone who follows you will see your tweets in their timeline. You will see the number of users who are following you and the number of users you are following on the upper right hand side below your name.

So, Ill pose the first challenge, if you will. So, one of the things that I do everyday, David, is Im out talking to the media and pitching them story ideas on my clients. And I oftentimes struggle between knowing, do I use Twitter for that or should I use personalized emails? It used to be, because Ive been doing this for 20 years, [beep] pretty clear. You pick up the phone. You send some mail. You actually maybe you know, well it used to be just fax, you couldnt even send an email. Today youve got the email factor. How do you know when its the best to actually send it via a social networking site or send it through an email?

Trending Topics-And finally, trending topics, which will show up below your lists, are the key words, people, or events that Twitter users are tweeting about. Trending topics can change quickly and you can also select a location to see which topics are trending in your area.

On Tuesday, TMZ posted photos of Justin locking lips with Jasmine Villegas. If this name sounds familiar, it is because Jasmine has been opening for Justin’s My World concert performances since June in addition to starring in one of his music videos.

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It’s important to create a compelling Twitter profile to make a lasting first impression. When prospects like your photo, your background and your bio they will follow you. You will be regarded as an expert and authority. This will cause them to pay attention to your tweets, connect with you on Facebook, visit your blog and eventually enter their contact details in one of your squeeze pages. Then the sales begin.

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