Playing Golf Is Supposed To Be Relaxing – What Happened To That?

If you think any old golf clubs will do, you haven’t been on the course trying to compensate for a club that’s simply too long or two short. Besides making a shambles of your golf game, ill-fitting clubs can leave your body aching after the game. If you’re spending all your time compensating, you probably aren’t shooting your best or even enjoying the time on the course.

The Imperial Tokyo was built in 1890 to a rousing success that still brings in high class visitors. The hotel sits across from the emperor’s palace in Tokyo and was redesigned with a new structure in 1923 by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Unlike the shorter clubs, you need to use your torso when swinging the long driver and not just your arms. Many golfers tend to slice the ball and this can be because of the incorrect grip you have on the club. The grip affects the path of the ball and by adjusting your grip will limit the slice on your ball. Shifting and tilting during your swing will cause the ball to not go straight. Incorrect movements when swinging a driver will cause mis-hits and this can be fixed by putting your weight towards the toes of your feet. In order to control your driver shots, you need to have a gradual closing of the club at the end of your swing. By going to the driving range, you will be able to discover the right swing that works for you and become comfortable with maintaining your balance throughout the swing.

While some major CLUBSPORT club manufacturers will charge (dearly) for the actual “fitting,” many offer up this service for free, with your commitment to buy clubs from that company. While custom clubs are more expensive than clubs purchased “off the shelf” from your local golf supplier or even from an outlet store or individual, the results will probably show themselves right away on the golf course.

If your already bugging your ex to give you a break in an attempt to minimize the pain, stop it immediately! This will not help and probably only confuse you more because you are not yet ready to logically conclude anything. Take a step back and take a deep breath. In short, try and relax.

Of course, when you are on the golf course you won’t have time to do an entire body scan. However, if you notice tension in your forearms, shoulders or any other part of your body, you can do a quick body scan for that one specific muscle. This will help you to relax any tense muscles and swing smoother.

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Playing Golf Is Supposed To Be Relaxing – What Happened To That?

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