Pipe Welding – 3 Things You Need To Know About To Be Successful

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is the Proper name for TIG welding. Well it may be the proper name, but it takes too long to say… and since hardly anyone calls it Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and most everyone still refers to it as TIG Welding, That’s what I call it too.

Go to eBay and enter “Pipeliner.” Next, hit the drop down list on the upper right and select highest prices. On the left scroll down until you find “Completed Items” and select that. This will give you the sold welders in green. ONLY the prices in green mean anything. Anyone can ask any amount of money for anything. When a sale is completed – that’s when true value is established.

Big Tig torches are OK for Know more here when nothing is in the way. In fact, the longer nozzle actually helps keep your hand further from the heat when you are walking the cup and your arc is deep in the bevel.

If you can, that is a God-given talent. Very few talents are gotten by just popping out of mama. Singing is one of the few. Most talents can be achieved to a “World Class” level, by anyone with average skills. This was not always thought to be the case. However, recent brain studies prove it is true. If you have average eye-hand abilities, you can be a World Class pipe welder, with enough critical practice. Critical practice is where you take your abilities to the edge every time you practice.

Food factories which make everything from canned corn to Canadian bacon must adhere to very strict cleanliness standards and procedures. Why? It’s because they can easily make hundreds or even thousands of people sick. Most of the pipe in these huge facilities is stainless steel.

Well, when expressed as a percentage of our over-all economy, manufacturing is shrinking. In other words, after World War ll about 28% of OUR economy was manufacturing. That percentage is now about 11% and falling.

That’s a bummer (if you are a pipe welder or want to be one) because it will mean a lot of work for a lot of highly paid pipe welders. However, the best way to have a career is to plan it – the delay of a year will give you time to get ready to make bank on the pipeline.

You can go to a school if you can find one that will take you. You can also teach yourself pipe welding at home. Unlike so many other trades, pipe welding is an art like playing the guitar – your mind and hands must work closely together in a dance that makes it happen. The really cool aspect of pipe welding – you either can or you can’t do it. All the other baloney (like what classes did you or did you not take in college) does not matter. All you need is to be good at welding pipe.

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