Kung Fu In Kolkata Things To Know Before You Buy

All too often martial arts classes can just get a little too monotonous. If you are an instructor you must break things up to keep students excited and coming back and having unique and interesting martial arts drills can even draw new students by themselves. As a student, while you may be confident that your instructors know best and like the Karate Kid must follow instructions even if you don’t see the point in a certain exercise you surely crave new killer drills that really challenge and give the adrenaline rush you are looking for. You can develop your own drills to do on your own time, but martial arts drills are even more fun and exciting when you have a class of students to compete with and challenge, so perhaps you can even get your instructors to give your ideas a whirl.

While you may already do some sparring and even go as far as to switch up partners throughout classes, the leading and most hardcore martial arts styles have built serious reputations on their multiple opponent fights. Some even being famous for 50 and 100 man fights for graduations. That is one person having to battle 50 plus opponents one after the other! So why not bring a new level of competition to your martial arts drills and have a sparring competition where the winner stays in. Start with two fighters, the winner stays on to battle the next contender and so on until the whole class has had a shot. How great would it be to be the king of your whole class? You can add a number of variations including making it point only sparring, submission only or even kicks or punches only.

Though for really unique and adrenaline pumping martial arts drills make a martial arts circuit. Use the full training area with different challenges at each corner. The more participants you have the better. A sample drill like this could include beginning with you performing 25 push ups, jumping up and breaking two boards, run to the next corner where there is a heavy bag or Wavemaster and unload 20 punches. Then have someone put a belt around your waist and try to hold you back from trying to run to the next corner where there would be an opponent waiting for you to spar. Then perform jumping squat to the third corner where you have to unload 20 kicks on a Wavemaster. On the last stretch have at least to opponents with large padded shields who will try and push you back and stop you from making it home. Once back to the starting point face your final opponent who is wielding a weapon that must be disarmed. If you can do 3 rounds of this you should be well on your way to being a serious martial arts fighter! For Kung Fu Classes In Kolkata , visit the page.


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Kung Fu In Kolkata Things To Know Before You Buy

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