Internet Marketing Tips For The Average Joe By Joel

It feels like rocket science for owning a website. There are so many people who are unaware of domain hosting. This article is dedicated to those who want to crack this so called rocket science. Domain hosting, owning website sounds very techie. But the fact is, it isn’t.

Even with the positive effects of competition in the buy domain name marketplace, the process of internet domain name registration remains a mystery for many.

The first auto renewal attempt may be billed 20 days before the expiration and if it does not go through then the second attempt will be initiated. The second attempt may be billed 15-days before the expiry period. domain name registration name renewal will be billed to the credit card you have on their file. If it happens that the credit card is invalid or has been declined, you’ll receive an email with an opportunity to update the payment information.

Then it suddenly occurs to you (always in the middle of the night) that the only thing you forgot to build in to your new site is a way for your customers to pay for their purchase online with a credit card (there was no Pay Pal in the dark ages, my child…).

Don’t forget about protecting your blog. Although we’d love to think buy domain name that everybody on the Internet is about business and finding good content and enjoying your website. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and there are some serious head cases out there. When we generally create our blog we concentrate so much on the look of it and its content along with the marketing, which we sometimes forget that spammers are out there looking to post hideous links. Make sure you have a reputable spam filter that will catch most of the reply Post that are inappropriate for your blog.

When you are researching your niche, you need to find one that is not too general. An example of too general of a category is golf. There are too many competing sites( almost 300 million) for this term and your chances of getting a high rank with that kind of competition are almost nil. What you need to do is dig down deeper into the word golf and find a keyword with less competition but still have decent traffic. It is better to have a keyword phrase of two to four words such as women’s irons.

Though the barrier of entry to starting an online business can be easy the learning curve is steppe. Prior to starting your online business, considering working with a professional ecommerce consulting firm to help you set up a successful online business.

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