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Weather is a very exciting topic to teach in a classroom or at a summer camp. Many children are interested in weather topics including tornados, rain, and any other type of weather that you can think about. Here are some great activities to do with your children or students to help them learn about weather.

Whole language is when the child learns to read by looking at the whole sentence and guessing what they don’t know. It became popular because back in the 1930’s as the ‘look see’ method, but as is still the case nowadays it was created by marketing. The publishers who made the books was very good at marketing and the look see books were very colorful Phonics lesson with meaningful sentences.

Now that I have another child, I try to keep these guidelines as I teach him. Although all children are different and develop at different ages, before I worked at a day care, sometimes I would underestimate what my child was capable of. Now that I have seen it first hand, I see that when you work with your child and emphasize learning in your play and daily interactions, I see that they can learn a lot.

phonics is a method of teaching children to read using sounds. It is recommended to begin teaching your child around the age of five or six. Teaching English reading using Phonics in english requires children to learn the connections between letter patterns and the sounds they represent.

Add beach Phonics lesson for kids towels a picnic basket and paper and plastic products to the kitchen and housekeeping area so that little cooks and can create beach picnics.

Number two is that when kids leave my camp I hope they leave with the mentality that if they work as hard as they possibly can, they have a shot to be good at this sport. In lacrosse, you don’t have to be the most talented, the tallest, the fastest or the most athletic. If you just work hard, you can be successful in the sport.

Time out is an interesting one. It is a very predictable human behaviour. Time out must be done correctly. In most cases it needs to be demonstrated because it is mostly in the delivery. If you are not serious about your delivery children will quickly pick up on the fact and it will be ineffecteive. The whole idea is the child must know they will not win so they may as well deal with it and play by the rules. If a child knows there is a boundary that cannot be crossed they will soon give up. Conversely if a child knows they have a good chance of winning the will persist to the point of a tantrum.

Oral fluency rates are directly related to reading ability and with practice will improve. Then a child will be able to master all areas of the reading process.

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