Dog Clothing For Small Dogs

It’s that time again! Secretroom’s bi-monthly event, CybeRaver, will take place Saturday April 18 at the Jungle Club located at 2115 Faulkner Rd. The theme this month is Carnival of Chaos, so break out your sequins and bow-ties, top hats and clown make-up–it’s gonna be killer!

In seeing his recent photo, I could still see that young teacher’s face in that smile and twinkle in his eye. I was compelled to comment on the obituary page of the funeral home.

Men can be ties in stripes, dots or cross and also contain pictures or letters, but most of these links would not be appropriate for a very formal or business event, but really just depends on the preference of men and personality. Men’s ties also come with designs and patterns. If the man is more outgoing and likes to excel or make people laugh then, without doubt, a draw with different colored dots or cartoon animals would be a good choice for him. The man who is a little more serious, ties “funny” or “wild” probably not a good option.

After my visit to the Bridal Expo Chicago/Milwaukee I realized “you’ve come a long way, baby” when it comes to groom’s tuxedos. The days of stiff black boxed jackets, white shirts and rectangular bow ties are no longer the only items on the market. The models at the expo were wearing some of the most fantastic tuxedos from Black Tie Formalwear by designers Perry Ellis, Chaps, Jean Yves . These designers have created tuxedos that are trendy, up to date and extremely sexy.

For home coming parties and prom nights the dress choices are quite different. There are specialty dresses for homecoming and prom nights for women. For men it is mostly the usual (again!) with some slight variations according the individual’s choices or ideas. The color choices for the events also make a huge difference. For men, black seems to suit well for all skin tones for proms and home coming, while for women it may be either dark or light colored attire based on their skin tones.

A modern school tie generally comes from cravat. The necktie has fixed size. You can adjust the width of the tie accordingly. However there are ties which come in various lengths. School ties are considered by many as a symbol of intelligence, power and respect. There are ties where you can find names of your schools or the logo of your schools. You will find that these ties are designed in such a way that it matches with the color of your school uniform.

Have each kid dress up for the day as you celebrate or each employee. Hand out green necklaces or green boa’s and have all wear green. enjoy your decoration’s that you created on a budget.

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