Breast Reductions May Make Your Life Easier

This Survivor finale recap covers episode 14 (May 16) of the Heroes vs. Villains season on CBS, in which the final five survivors are narrowed down to three and then a winner is chosen by a jury of players who were previously voted out.

As the votes are shown, it becomes clear the battle is between Parvati and Sandra, both of whom have already won the game before. As Jeff reads the votes, Sandra triumphs 6-3 while Russell is shut out. She becomes the first two-time winner of Survivor.

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Anyhow, after the introduction, you are then thrown into the modern day, where a man by the name of George comes down to Chiapas, Mexico to search for his missing sister.

Keep the mystery going as I like to say. Keep it short, casual… you don’t have to sum up all your life, you just need a little something to get the conversation going. The fun fact is that if I were writing this article for men, I would tell them to use more words.

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